The software products for modeling welding processes are developed on the basis of the numerical solution of the fundamental equations of mathematical physics (MAGSIM, SPOTSIM, CUTSIM). The results of simulation are verified with experimental data. The accuracy of the simulated results concerning experimental data is 90-95%. The programs have a simple interface and allow creation of protocols with the results of simulation.


Simulation of MAG-welding.

Developers: ComHighTech (Tula State University) and Aachen Welding Institute, Germany


It is designed for analyzing the weld formation in resistance spot welding for the joints of low-carbon, non-alloy, and CrNi-steels with thickness of 0,5-5 mm, using different electrodes and welding machines. It is possible to estimate the influence of the process parameters on the welding stability and quality.
Developers: ComHighTech (Tula State University) and Aachen Welding Institute, Germany.

The delivery package includes both the software product and a user guide. Cashless settlement prepayment in rubles is needed at the rate of exchange of the Central Bank of the RF with a 50% discount for educational organizations.

We may rework the software products at your discretion. Training courses are also possible.